How to Get More Involved

For a one time donation please visit our GoFundMe and click the following button to donate to local art!

Our goal is to create art that brings representation to under represented communities. Achieving this goal requires some monetary contribution, even though we are trying to minimize cost as much as possible. Money that is fundraised goes toward purchasing and maintaining equipment, travel expenses, marketing, theater expenses, costumes, production, and artist training. Check our event page to see our current fundraising events you can attend!


Click on the button below to get connected with our Patreon page. Patreon is a crown funding platform for Artists specifically. The beauty of Patreon is that it offers benefits and rewards for all of our supporters. We don’t want to just ask for your money, we want to be able to provide you with something of value in return. This platform allows us to provide benefits and exclusive content to our patrons. If interested in becoming a patron and our benefit tiers please click the button below and sign up today!