Meet The Team

Circus Foundry is made up with a talented group of individuals that all bring their own variety of movement and talent. The wide range of experience and disciplines makes our team extremely versatile and unique.

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Bethel Lindsley


Bethel walked into a gymnastics gym at age 5 and never looked back. She loved the competition, dedication, and high level of technical skill gymnastics required.   It was not a far leap to the circus after she finished competing in college and became a professional acrobat. Her first contract with Royal Caribbean International. After that, her love of performance and circus continued to grow and develop.  Through her career, she has had the opportunity to work with some really amazing companies and people from all over the world. She was a part of the creation cast of The Han Show for Franco Dragone in Wuhan, China. With every contract, she has been able to apply her gymnastics foundations to expand her knowledge to a wide range of circus disciplines, such as trampoline, tumbling, partner acrobatics, duo/solo aerial, diving, hand balancing, stunt work, stage combat, flyboard, and russian swing.  Taking a break from touring, she landed back in her hometown of Denver where she undertook a leadership role in a variety of local companies to help raise and improve the overall level of acrobatic performance. All of these events have lead her to undertake her most exciting challenge yet of creating Circus Foundry. By combining her knowledge of acrobatics and circus from around the world, she wants to bring quality, ensemble, circus, and storytelling to the general public so they can also experience the wonder and magic that it has brought to her life.

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Anthony Cummings


Anthony always had a love for math, logic, and puzzles. Somehow this lead him to circus. He used juggling as a means to escape the frustrations of everyday life. This led him to throwing bigger things in the air, mainly people. Eventually, he decided to run away and join a circus. Well, not as drastic but, he did join a professional training program for circus artists. After graduating from the program, he began performing with several local companies in Colorado before moving to Las Vegas to continue to grow as an artist. Six months later he was working for Royal Caribbean International as an acrobat on his first professional contract. Eight months of caribbean sun, waves, and hundreds of performances later he returned to his stomping grounds in Colorado hungry for a new adventure. Long story short, juggling is the gateway drug to circus, be advised.

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Bryan Connolly


Bryan was born both whimsical and bloodthirsty. Naturally this dichotomy led to a career in the circus. It began by learning to juggle from Jon Wee of the Passing Zone, and quickly escalated to acrobatics, stunt work, acting, dance, and worst of all, street theatre. By the time he received his Bachelor’s degree for Theatre Performance from Colorado State University, there was no turning back. He was committed to a life of circus. He has now performed in a plethora of circus shows with MOTH Circus, Phantom Circus, Borillo Entertainment, even toured with a professional jousting company for a while, and is the second-in-command at Knights of the Tempest. Despise him if you must, but he will continue to find occasion to bewilder audiences far and wide.


Tessa Vallin


Tessa grew up in Evergreen Colorado, where she discovered her passion for the circus arts. Starting at age 10 as a young aspiring aerialist Tessa became entranced by the strength, grace, and beauty behind the production of each and every show. With the newfound passion she became heavily involved with various educational companies, production companies, and entertainment companies that lead to the development of a variety of skills. Her passion for the artform has taken her nationwide performing for various circus companies, touring shows, and theatrical production companies. Additionally, Tessa is highly involved in the educational side of the circus arts sharing her passion with the next generation of young performers. Outside of circus, Tessa is pursuing a career in medicine, loves the outdoors, and takes every opportunity she can to spend time with friends and family.

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Jonas Whalen


Jonas has been studying performance since his first Scottish highland dance lessons at 5 years old, with the Colorado Youth Pipe Band. He went on to study theater at Denver School of the Arts and has continued his education incessantly ever since. Currently studying spanish and translation at MSU Denver he makes is a stage hand with Local IASTE #7, working concerts at Red Rocks amphitheater through the summers and trade shows at the CCC the rest of the year. Jonas has always had a keen interest in aesthetics and the philosophy of art his current curiosities include the ways we describe pain, Latin American aesthetics, and turtle mythology. His broad appreciation of art and aesthetics (sometimes unfiltered to a fault) is a chief source for his love of contemporary circus and its multifaceted engagement with its audience.

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Andrew Hill


Andrew is your typical Chilipinadian. That is to say, he was born in Chile to Filipino and Canadian parents, and then moved to The Philippines, Canada, and finally to Australia, before coming to the United States. With a background in theatre and competitive swimming, Andrew naturally took to circus as it combined his loves of theatrical and physical performance. Specializing in corde lisse (aerial rope), he strives to create memorable performances of ingenuity by creating new skills and re-imaging old ones. Andrew has travelled all over the globe and worked with world-class coaches from institutions such as the National Circus School in Montreal, and the National Institute of Circus Arts and Circus Oz in Melbourne. In addition to rope, Andrew’s disciplines include hula-hoop, contortion, aerial silks, and acrobatics. Outside of circus, Andrew is an avid learner and will attend graduate school this upcoming year to pursue a career in physical therapy.