Contemporary Circus With A Purpose

Circus Foundry is a ensemble contemporary circus company located in Denver, Colorado. We provide full length productions, performance packages for private events, corporate gigs and festivals, as well as workshops and private lessons from train professionals. Our mission is to bring circus performances to local theaters and events with our unique and high quality original productions.

We aim to make contemporary circus available to everyone by performing in local theaters. We want to make performance art accessible to under represented demographics through creating original productions that address social and cultural ideas. Through our storytelling our characters come to life with relatable conflicts for all people. We believe that through circus we can tell important stories that can unite us all together with the same goal of creating stronger community bonds.

We believe in breaking down stigmas and creating stronger communities on and off the stage. Our mission is to connect our patrons to wonderful non-profits that are doing incredible work within their own communities. To do this we partner with local non-profits that address and engage in social justice with in their areas. Make sure to check out our out reach partners to get connected with there wonderful organizations working everyday to make a positive change in the world.


Want to see more?

Currently we are working on our touring show “SONDER” that will be opening Summer 2019 in local theaters in Colorado and New Mexico. To buy tickets for our show please go to our “Tickets” page under our Show tab.

But don’t worry there will be several opportunities to see us before that time! We will be offering a variety of workshops and organizing a fundraisers that will support the production of our show and local charities. For more information please look at our up coming events! Help our art help others!