The Circus Foundry cast will be hosting a variety of skill workshops over the next several months! Our cast members have an extensive background of coaching circus arts from recreational beginners all the way to advanced professional performers. Through our workshop series you will as get a chance to share our vast knowledge over a wide range of disciplines. Below are description workshops that we provide. Make sure to take a look at our event page to find our where and when you can take our next workshop!

If you are interested in private lessons or scheduling a workshop at your studio with any of our cast members please use our contact page to send us an email!


Prop Manipulation


Bryan Connolly, Anthony Cummings, and Andrew Hill are our three professional prop manipulators in the cast. Combined they have more than 20 years of prop manipulation experience. They have taught at both Moth Contemporary Circus and Apex Movement Denver. Bryan and Anthony’s focus is on every type of traditional juggling. Andrew’s main focus is circus hooping. Their approach to prop manipulation makes it attainable for every level of student to improve their skills. Through our workshops they can teach you a variety of different prop manipulation techniques. Workshops are offered in these areas:

  • Balls, Clubs, Rings

  • Contact Juggling

  • Pass Juggling

  • Flow Patterns

  • Acrobatic Juggling

  • Circus Hooping

  • Act Creation

If interested please look at our event page for the next prop manipulation workshop!



Andrew Hill, Tessa Vallin, and Bethel Lindsley are the three aerialist in the cast. Together they have a vast knowledge base on every aerial apparatus. No matter what your interest might be we have a high level instructor that can help you obtain technique and increase your skill level. Our performers have a teaching history that includes Moth Contemporary Circus, Iluminar Aerial, Arts Immersion, and Apex Movement. All three performers have also have extensive experience in running both child and adult lessons ranging from recreational all the way to professional training programs. Workshops are offered in these areas:

  • Lyra

  • Silks

  • Sling

  • Rope

  • Dance / Static Trapeze

  • Invented Apparatus

  • Partner Aerial

  • Children Friendly / Beginner Lesson

  • Flexibility

  • Act Creation

If interested please look at our event page for our next aerial workshop!



Bethel Lindsley, Anthony Cummings, Lennon Shannon, and Bryan Connolly are the four acrobats in the cast. All four have a very diverse acrobatic train background from high level competitive gymnastics, stunts, and parkour. With a wide range of movement knowledge we have been able to combine our technique into what we believe is the safest and most efficient ways to advance in ground acrobatics. All of our cast members have taught at Moth Contemporary Circus School, Arts Immersion, Apex Movement, and several gymnastics gyms. If you are looking to improve your inversion techniques, learn new flips, or learn creative partner acrobatics skills then our performers are your perfect coaches. Work shops are offered in these areas:

  • Inversions

  • Partner / Group Acrobatics

  • Parkour

  • Tumbling

  • Tricking

  • Trampoline

  • Chinese Pole

  • Act Creation

If interested please look at our event page for our next acrobatic workshop!