Ensemble Contemporary Circus

Creating ensemble contemporary circus is our passion! Mixing disciplines from a variety of different performance art such as music, theater, dance, and circus we like to create unique story lines that are empowering and relatable. Unlike the spectacle of larger productions we create complex stories and themes through our movement and character interactions. As a true ensemble cast we work together on stage to explore new realities.

Circus Foundry was created with the simple idea of make cool art and help others in the process. As a group we develop opportunities where communities can gather and participate in art and entertainment and help support local under represented demographics. We believe that by investing in local community development that we can foster lasting bonds that can help improve the lives of people. Our art brings us great happiness and we want to share that joy with others.

Check out our introduction video below!!

Meet the cast of Circus Foundry and new ensemble contemporary circus company from Denver, Colorado! We are touring Summer 2019 with our original production "SONDER"!! Our show has partner acrobatics, chinese pole, aerial rope, aerial hoop, tumbling, parkour, juggling, clowning, contortion, hooping, a compelling story and more!!!