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Jamie O

Unbelievable talent. The perfect mix of humor, drama, and exceptional acrobats that makes for an entertaining, and at times moving, experience.

Thompson P

Amazing talent, creativity, and variety! Their 2019 Summer Tour was well-produced, thoughtfully conceived, and appropriate for all ages/audiences. I can’t describe how impressive, surprising, funny, and engaging “Sonder” was, but my jaw is still on the floor from the displays of incredible aerial, hula-hooping, juggling, clowning, and acrobatics that kept my kids and I on the edge of our seats.



Ahva L

Oh my goodness fresh living art! This crew of madmen and women... the best kinda mad... are devoted, talented, and telling a story with their art form. I have never seen anything quite like it! Never felt anything quite like this!

Marie H

What an amazing group! Friendly and talented!

Mike C

I laughed, cried... and most of all was struck with an ecstatic sense of how our all-too-human limitations can be shattered. This was truly great artistry, beautifully delivered.

Heather z

What an incredible performance! The chemistry, skill, and presence of these performers had me at the edge of my seat. Just amazing!