Meet our Partners

Circus Foundry partners with local business to expand community bonds. Get to know about our awesome partners and learn more about how to get involved with your local community today!

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Apex Denver Parkour and Athletics

Apex provides fitness is for everyone, no matter what your goals are. Movement is the foundation of any physically fit lifestyle. Through innovative movement training, we help people achieve a broad, all-around fitness. We coach people to excel in their chosen athletics, we inspire people to become more physically active through play, and we help people attain their fitness goals through natural exercise.

Sugar Mountain Catering

Sugar Mountain Catering

Rooted in a passion for all things opulent + celebratory, Sugar Mountain was created to serve all of your Gatsby party dreams. We create edible works of art that you + your guests will be talking about for years to come. We specialize in unique food experiences by way of spun sugar + extravagant charcuterie boards. Cross our hearts that we will deliver elegant, upscale food in an approachable + creative manner.

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Deep Space DRive-In

A multimedia design company focused on immersive experiential design, augmented reality, social activism, and community outreach. We provide a complete experience from visual design to augmented reality while taking a user-centered approach. We are active among local artists and organizations looking for social engagement via new media.

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Matador Events

We create HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTIONS all over Colorado and Wyoming! Whatever your event needs are contact Matador Events for audio, lighting, video, decor, and design needs for your next event!